New Hybrid track

2017-06-11 02:08:43 by IIIFoggySundayIII

Woah, this one flew past me quickly.

It started as a simple orchestrial experiment and turned out 6 chapter story. I cant really explain it.

well first things first it was super fun to work on. I really haven`t felt such freedom in a long time. Compositions came easily and really worked out well side to side.

It is interesting how i actually made 4 genres into one track. Mostly Instrumental, but has elements of Ambience and even Dubstep. Plus some parts might even have the feeling of Trance.

Main key was C major tough...

Most of you dont know, but i usually despise that. Not only because it is generic, but because melodies are usually lame as well. Well i was proven wrong this time cause, SUPRISE, it actually turned out to be really solid key to write.

I really cant go into details cause as i said in the beginning: it flew past me quickly.

Hope you find it enjoyable :)



UPDATE (6.12.17; 7:15 EU)

Youtube link


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