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Thats it.

After 20 months of work i have finally freed myself from the collection. It feels amazing to finally finish this and i think that i wont have an experience, a feeling so good for a while. Its not because i didn't like working on each entry. I did. I was just lacking the freedom to really do whatever i want with the tracks due to the restrictions and thmes i assigned to each one. I often had to throw some unique and fun ideas off the table because i couldn't fit them in the theme of current entry and looking back, i see a lot of missed potential in each one. However the positives really outmatch the negatives. I find the experience priceless and discovered new methods and other very useful approaches. Again, i cant wait to apply them to my future projects.

Elixir of immortality

I had the idea since last years autumn, but i was very hesitant about it. It felt like it would be too big for me to handle. Then came Summer and i started working. At first i had plans on making it exclusively orchestrated, but that idea fell apart very quickly. I also realized that i cant really make this as polished as some other entries were, because then i would have worked myself crazy and probably wouldn't be even halfway by now. Thats why i aimed at its more symbolic meaning, being the climax of the collection. Piece was strongly inspired by Alon Mor's work. Specifically "Releasing the Handcuffs" and "Halpfire Harmonies" from which the first guided me in the compositional path and the second helped me see how experimental i could go without losing the thematic purpose. If you find time then you can check his other stuff out as well.

Eternal Curse

In all honesty, this track was actually an afterthought. Back when i was working on "Mundus" i wrote an orchestral clip which i was really proud of. However I couldn't fit it in anywhere so i saved it and moved on. Then i started working on the "final" entry (Elixir of Immortality) After a while, when i realized that the work is not going anywhere, i loaded up "Mundus" project file, and started playing with the orchestral clip. Then i realized that i could turn this into a sweet sendoff. Though the final results are not exactly what i planned, im still happy how it turned out. I had no intentions of voicing it, but it was 1:00 AM and i was tired. I recorded the lines and went to sleep. In the morning i saw potential in the recordings and i started editing the clip. For a first experience i'd say that it does not sound that bad.

In the end im proud that i've done this and i hope that i get to work on something simillar again (not in the near future though)

If you like some useless info and random numbers about the projects then HERE (will be updating it)


"Releasing the Handcuffs"

"Halpfire Harmonies"


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