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Combining Orchestra with dubstep isn't anything "never done before". However im personally really fond in that. But unlike most, im trying to add some experimental twists and turns to it. Quite a mess to be honest, but its under control :P

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So a lot has happened so suddenly

Posted by IIIFoggySundayIII - November 14th, 2017

Woah, suddenly i have so many things to talk about. So much information has hit me within last few days. So let me start from the beginning:

1) Krattkings new EP.

Yes, it has been released. Reason why i find tha it is worth mentioning s that i was participant to his album and now since its out i want to show him some support :) (link can be found underneath)

2) New track.

 Also i got my final track (in 2017) released. Had it finished a while ago, but didnt want to overwhelm you with constant uploads. Hope you`ll enjoy since it is my first completed attempt with sound design.

3) Im taking small break

Now to the elephant in the room. I decided to take a small break from music. I have seen myself develop a solid ground to stand on with this year so i can take a break without losing any progress. The reason for that is mainly due to the extreme workflow i had on October. And even when i can say i enjoyed making so many tracks with so little time, then i cant say the same for releasing all of them. The most stressful part about uploading are the preparations. Unique descriptions for each platform i intend to upload (youtube, Newgrounds, Facebook, Soundcloud), Visualizing (and the god damn rendering) And of cource multiple quality checks multiply the work of what it takes to get a track released. All this makes being a producer a lot more sressful than it should be for me. So i want to slow down a bit. Also i have had plans on making short animation with blender, but i wont reveal much right now since the production is still under the question mark.

I hope that you understand and have a good day :)

Krattkings EP: "Hang in there!"  https://krattking.bandcamp.com/album/hang-in-there


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Hi. I'm the guy you're collabing with for the slow dubstep song.