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So a lot has happened so suddenly

Posted by IIIFoggySundayIII - November 14th, 2017

Woah, suddenly i have so many things to talk about. So much information has hit me within last few days. So let me start from the beginning:

1) Krattkings new EP.

Yes, it has been released. Reason why i find tha it is worth mentioning s that i was participant to his album and now since its out i want to show him some support :) (link can be found underneath)

2) New track.

 Also i got my final track (in 2017) released. Had it finished a while ago, but didnt want to overwhelm you with constant uploads. Hope you`ll enjoy since it is my first completed attempt with sound design.

3) Im taking small break

Now to the elephant in the room. I decided to take a small break from music. I have seen myself develop a solid ground to stand on with this year so i can take a break without losing any progress. The reason for that is mainly due to the extreme workflow i had on October. And even when i can say i enjoyed making so many tracks with so little time, then i cant say the same for releasing all of them. The most stressful part about uploading are the preparations. Unique descriptions for each platform i intend to upload (youtube, Newgrounds, Facebook, Soundcloud), Visualizing (and the god damn rendering) And of cource multiple quality checks multiply the work of what it takes to get a track released. All this makes being a producer a lot more sressful than it should be for me. So i want to slow down a bit. Also i have had plans on making short animation with blender, but i wont reveal much right now since the production is still under the question mark.

I hope that you understand and have a good day :)

Krattkings EP: "Hang in there!"  https://krattking.bandcamp.com/album/hang-in-there


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Hi. I'm the guy you're collabing with for the slow dubstep song.